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Joanna is an incredible mentor to work with. She is very knowledgeable about the profession, and was extremely helpful in not only preparing me for my college auditions, but also helping me to identify harmful habits while giving me proper exercises to resolve them. Learning from her gave me excellent tools to use when analyzing plays and my character's roles within.                Elizabeth, B.F.A. at UConn

Joanna helped me prepare for acting apprenticeships at Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati and Actors Theatre of Louisvllle during my senior of Muhlenberg college. We worked on my monologues in a lot of different variations until I felt completely comfortable with the text. She gave me so much confidence that ultimately brought me the opportunity to be an intern at ETC.

In less than a year, I’ve learned so much from Joanna that has helped me to expand as an actor. Joanna helps me analyze monologues and songs in such depth, it has given  me insight into how to express the music through my actions, facial movements, and voice. Her knowledge of the history of theatre, stage techniques, and effective acting methods has helped me gain more confidence in auditions and on stage. She has helped me develop valuable skills that I will carry with me throughout my theatre career.

Celia, B.F.A University of West Virginia

Rachel Berger, The Artist Co-Op, NYC

Joanna has been a great acting coach for my son. After the Summer Theater Institute at DeSales College, Joanna saw the potential that my son had for acting. She took him under her "wings" and was able to build his self-confidence and encourage him to take his talent to new levels. Joanna is so full of energy and love for the theater that you will walk away from her sessions full of exuberance. My son always looks forward to his coaching sessions!    


Ed McGann, parent

Joanna Whitney has the coaching recipe perfected when it comes to helping actors at any level grow their potential. She has been a huge factor behind my daughter's growth as an actor and her latest success on stage. We were able to witness her skills during a workshop several years ago when she took several talented singers on stage and guided them through the experience making the song come alive with a few of her tips. The transformation was incredible in just a few short minutes. It is rare that I take the time to write a review but in the case of Joanna's skills as a drama/acting coach it would be a shame not to shout it out to others. ​

Tiffany Wilten, parent

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